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Why you dirty rat ... (3)

(China Daily)

09:28, November 09, 2011

Ma got into the business in 1994 when he worked as an apprentice at a rat extermination shop in Wuhan, Hubei province. He later started up his own business and moved to explore Changsha's uncharted market in 2001.

During his first months in Changsha, he aroused deep suspicions in his landlord, who thought he could be a thief with his long hair, worn-out clothes, sneaky manners and the black steel suitcase containing trapping devices that was always in his hand.

"People usually associate us with rat poison salesmen. I used to take offense and explain there is much more work involved. Now I don't bother," said Ma.

The Benz idea was the first major move toward uplifting his business image. He now carries the air of a successful businessman with a neat outfit, restrained voice, and confident but unassuming manners.

Because of the success of the business, he has pulled himself out of the day-to-day dealings with rats, and taken up employee training.

"Basic orientation for green hands is not my job. What I do is instill a little strategic thinking for those who already have some experience."

Ma defines three stages in the battle against rodents. First is an all-out war with "millions" of rat soldiers. In this case, heavy weapons, such as lethal poison in large doses, should be used.

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