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Why you dirty rat ... (2)

(China Daily)

09:28, November 09, 2011

"More people see there is a growing market and constant demand for rodent control," Ma said, letting out a burst of resounding laughter.

Ma, 39, a self-made multi-millionaire in Changsha, Hunan province, has built an empire on poisoning and electrocuting rodents.

He landed his first order by offering a hotel free service for two months, and soon convinced the hotel owner of his skills after he caught 101 mice in one night.

"The experience was like going hunting and was really gratifying. I would put the poisoned bait along the route where rats often hang out, and minutes later I would come back to where I started and begin to pick up dead bodies," Ma said.

"The use of rat poison was unregulated 10 years ago and we used very toxic poisons," he said.

He won the loyalty of stores and supermarkets for promising to compensate them for damage caused by rodents that he should have eliminated.

Now he no longer has to offer free service to entice potential customers as orders just keep rolling in from inns, hotels, restaurants and stores.

His booming business gives him emboldened confidence to drive a white Benz painted with a bright red slogan.

"The Germans won't be too pleased to know how I've used their iconic luxury brand Mercedes-Benz to promote a humble business," said Ma with his typical self-assured laughter.

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