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What will A380 bring to China Southern Airlines? (2)

(People's Daily)

08:59, November 02, 2011

An A380 plane can hold 506 passengers, and its maximum voyage is 15,000 kilometers. An A380 plane can bring its advantages into play and maximize profit only on a long international flight course. China Southern Airlines has made a strategic plan and will make its A380 planes fly international flight courses after the second A380 plane is delivered in December 2011.

Meanwhile, the China Southern Airlines also clearly expressed that the operational courses of the A380 plane will focus on offering high-quality services for high-end customers and will not participate in the price war. The A380 plane should be able to obtain steady commercial customers based solely on its hardware and software.

China's civil aviation entering era of super large passenger planes.

The China Southern Airlines has successfully introduced the A380 plane, indicating that China's civil aviation has entered the era of super large passenger planes.

In recent years, China's GDP grew rapidly, and China's civil aviation sector maintained a development speed twice as fast as the GDP growth rate. The number of China's plane passengers is soaring and, according to predictions, will reach 300 million in 2011. The number of passengers on China Southern Airlines was the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. Many airline companies in China have set the goal of "being a super global passenger transporter."

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