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China's top political advisor calls for closer Sino-German ties (2)


14:41, November 01, 2011

Jia Qinglin (L), chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, meets with German President Christian Wulff in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 31, 2011. (Xinhua/Li Tao)

Sino-European cooperation boasted solid foundation, immense potentials and promising prospect, Jia said, as China and the European Union (EU) are vital forces in maintaining world peace and enhancing common development, while both face their respective challenge of economic and social sustainable developments.

As a prominent member of the EU, Germany assumed pivotal role inside the bloc and China-EU cooperation, Jia said, adding that China is willing to join in hands with Germany to enhance the overall Sino-EU strategic partnership to a higher standard and contribute to the everlasting peace and common prosperity of the world.

He noted that China appreciates eurozone countries' efforts aimed at solving the sovereign debts crisis, and put full credit in the EU for its ability to overcome current difficulty, restore financial stability, and realize a stable and steady development of its economy.

Wulff expressed thanks to greeting from President Hu. He voiced full consent to the suggestion by Chairman Jia on the development of bilateral relations, saying that as a completely reliable partner of China, Germany has attached great importance to its ties with China.

Wulff said Germany has been satisfied with the robust economic growth between the two countries and highly appreciative of the positive role China has played in overcoming the negative impacts by the international financial crisis and stabilizing the world economy.

Germany would take the opportunity of 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties establishment next year to elevate the bilateral relations to higher level with serial activities of China Culture Year, Wulff said.

Noting that the EU already made important decisions on the current eurozone debts crisis, Wulff hoped China would continue to play a constructive role in helping Europe shed off the negative impact of current economic crisis and give impetus to the stability and recovery of the world economy.

Germany is the last stop of Jia's three-nation European tour, which has already taken him to Greece and the Netherlands.

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