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Can Internet accurately gauge public opinion? (3)

By Zhang Yin  (People's Daily)

09:09, October 29, 2011

Reporter, Wang Shuhuai

Wang Yukai, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance

Ye Qing, a deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Statistics

Deng Jianwei, director of the Publicity Department under the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Public Security

Yu Guoming, a professor at the School of Journalism under Renmin University of China

Chen Changfeng, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication under Tsinghua University

Han Liyong, a veteran netizen and a former moderator of popular Tianya discussion forum

Zhu Huaxin, secretary-general of the Public Opinion Monitoring Office under People's Daily Online

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