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My fiancé was a fraud (2)


08:57, October 28, 2011

Eventually Tang got the man to confess. He told her he was still married but was unhappy in that relationship and sought comfort with another woman.

Although very hurt, Tang thinks she is luckier than some dating website applicants, who have suffered both serious emotional damage and economic losses. "I learned that a girl in Jiangsu Province was cheated of 88,000 yuan by a man she met through a dating website. It's not just a problem with one particular online dating agency."

Deception and dating

Liu Qing, a registered user of, China's largest online dating agency, filed a lawsuit against the website in May this year, the same month the company became the first online dating agency in China to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The lawsuit is said to be the first of its kind in the country.

The 30-year-old suffered a fractured collarbone in a road accident during a trip organized by a man she had met through the agency. On the website the man said he was a chief financial officer for a State-owned power company. However, after the car accident, the man refused to pay her medical bills or offer any financial assistance. Liu discovered that the man had lied about his identity.

Although the website blacklisted the man, Liu said the agency did not do enough. Late last year, Liu established a chat room on the instant messaging network QQ for victims. "Many users of the website have similar experiences. And I later found several others had been deceived by the same man, who had assumed other identities, posing as a postgraduate of Peking University and a chief financial officer with State-owned companies," Liu Qing said.

Liu tried to persuade other women to join her in the lawsuit against As she prepared her lawsuit, she spent more than 60,000 yuan in legal and notary fees and traveled to research her case. "I am devastated. I don't want to see others go through what I did."

However, during the hearing of the claim in August, Liu Qing was the only victim appearing in court. Her lawyer, Zhou Mi, told the Global Times there were three reasons why other victims did not attend. "First, they know that even if is found guilty of a breach of contract, they'll never be able to get back the hundreds of thousands of yuan they have lost. Second, it's a matter of saving face. No one wants to air their humiliations in public. Third, the legal procedure is very time-consuming. The others prefer to be onlookers to see how things go."

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