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Auckland mayor seeks closer links with China (3)


10:31, October 27, 2011


The large number of Chinese students in Auckland had been a dominant factor in the success of the city's education sector and its burgeoning Chinese population, said Brown.

The growth has been reflected in the city's public celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival for the last 20 years. Next year's event, to be organized by the Chinese Community Center, is scheduled to take place at one of Auckland's largest venues on Jan. 21 next year.

"They're 10 percent of the population 130,000 to 140,000 people. It's massive and growing faster probably than any other ethnic community in Auckland," said Brown.

Although the original Chinese settlers in Auckland were predominantly Cantonese from the south of China, the community now has included a wide cross section of Chinese.

"If you recently went to the Chinese Community Center's 50th anniversary, as I did, you would see that three quarters of the crowd derived originally from Guangdong, but now they're from all around," said Brown.

The development of the Chinese population in Auckland reflected the city's development, starting in the market garden sector and spreading into the high-tech and cultural sectors.

"Particularly the young Chinese have a really high-tech focus. Many are coming through with a primary science-maths focus, although some of our greatest young talent coming into our orchestras and classical music are young Chinese kids," said Brown.

"They contribute in all facets to the building of our great city and I am very supportive of them and the work that they do and their passion and their love for this place."

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