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Coins issued to honor rescuers raise doubts (2)

(China Daily)

08:52, October 21, 2011

A publicity official for the Lucheng government said the authority has done nothing wrong in honoring those who gave assistance to victims of the fatal train crash.

"This was meant to disseminate the spirit of unity and dedication, which was shown in the rescue operation following the accident," Yunnan Info Daily reported on Thursday, quoting an anonymous official.

The official said the local government's attempt to honor those who tried to help others is unrelated to the investigation into the accident's causes, which is being carried out by a team formed by the State Council.

She also said it was right to recognize the rescuers at the meeting in August, saying the praise would have lost significance with time.

Lucheng's publicity department dismissed netizens' assertions that the coins had been made of silver and were therefore expensive. That belief had given rise to concerns that the government was wasting public money.

The department said the coins, made of ordinary metal, are worth 30 yuan ($5) each.

One side of the coins is carved to depict three hands holding each other, and the packages they came in state that they were produced in August by the Lucheng district's Party branch and government.

The government's official website shows that 61 people from associations, companies, charity organizations and volunteer groups received the coins at the award ceremony.

Jin Yong, the leader of the New Young volunteer group, which was awarded two prizes for its collective and individual contribution to the rescue operation, said on Thursday that it supports the government's attempt to commend the outstanding individuals and organizations that worked to help the people hurt in the crash.

"There are no grounds to criticize the government for handing out the commemorative coins," he said.

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