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Reporting from the grassroots in vogue (2)

(China Daily)

10:26, October 20, 2011

Launched by five Party and government departments on Aug 9, the campaign aims to give greater coverage to what people at the grassroots think, prompt public discussion and improve journalism.

As part of the campaign, not only leaders in meetings but also ordinary people could make headlines from news scenes across the country. The campaign involves publicity departments at all levels and news organizations in China.

"China's media have been very good at following leaders' activities, but for me it's not good reporting because it is so far away from my life," Xu said.

"Seeing reporters getting into ordinary people's lives and reporting in a humble way is really a breath of fresh air. I feel connected, and it's also a good way for policymakers to learn what our life is really like."

Hearing the voices

"It's vital for policymakers to hear people's voices so that public interests will be represented and surveillance by the masses is guaranteed," said Hu Min, news center director and deputy director-general of the research office in the Chinese Academy of Governance.

"A well functioning government invites people into all aspects of administration. This idea of hearing people's voices coheres with the campaign in journalism.

"The Go Grassroots campaign shows that the origin of news reporting is at the very basic level," Hu said, "while the goal of improving the State administrative system is to provide better service to the people."

Whether the campaign succeeds will be determined by the people, he said.

"For journalists, the achievements will be increases in circulation or audience rating and stronger interactions between audience and the media. For public servants, scores are given on government working efficiency and public participation rates in government works."

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