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Setting high standards at the Standard (2)

(China Daily)

09:22, October 20, 2011

In July 2009, she was promoted to the role of chairperson for Greater China, a newly created position viewed as a step by the emerging markets-focused lender toward strengthening its business in the region.

While she was CEO, SCB's revenue from operations in China increased 12-fold. "Under her strong leadership, we have developed a clear strategy and built a strong foundation for growth," said Jaspal Bindra, SCB's group executive director and CEO, Asia.

"Before I came to the mainland, I thought I already knew the market well enough, because I had been doing business related to the mainland since the 1980s. But later I discovered how ignorant I was - as a Chinese I had to learn how to be a real Chinese," said Tsang, referring to the market disparity and cultural conflict she experienced when she started to work on the mainland.

Tsang was the first CEO with SCB (China) Limited, one of the first foreign banks to locally incorporate in China back in April 2007. "When we started, it was like crossing a river by feeling for the stones. The stones were very slippery sometimes and we couldn't see them. Only when we took each step would we know whether we had made the right move."

Tsang attributed her success to the abundant business opportunities made available after the mainland opened up to foreign banks as part of its promises for joining the World Trade Organization.

"Our development was very rapid. Shortly after the opening-up, we had the opportunity to develop a renminbi business, to set up a local bank, to extend branches and to get various licenses - this was a kind of luck. I cherish it and, therefore, I've always worked hard."

Tsang confessed that sometimes she felt worried and restless when faced with high uncertainty in the market. "I was very afraid that something bad would happen. Luckily I am getting old and my memory of these things is fading."

To Tsang, her current position is a new start of great significance as interaction between the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan improves dramatically.

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