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World's top 10 romantic islands (10)


14:09, September 30, 2011

Dream island, Tioman

Tioman is located in the eastern part of Malaysia. It is the largest one of 64 volcanic islands there. It takes 55 minutes of flying time from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman. She had not been gotten impressive as Cinderella untill 1950, but in 1958 when Fox filmed a large musical “South Pacific”, the light of Tioman finally was distributed to the world.

Tioman is the natural look of many factors. The clear and blue water of South China Sea is one of the reasons for visitors deeply falling in love with her. Transparency of the sea around Tioman is exellent. Features about 100 meters water depth can be seen by the naked eye. So, nomatter the experienced scuba divers or the snorkeling fans making their debute diving will be confused by its rich marine ecology of the seabed and dazzling beautiful world under the sea.

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