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Japan's new PM gives encouraging signs on ties with China despite disputes (2)


09:01, September 05, 2011

These remarks are contrary to the historical facts and constitute a serious infringement of China's territorial sovereignty, raising concerns in China and some other Asian nations.

It is hoped that Japan's new leader and his government could focus on working with China on forging a cooperative relationship, rather than continuing to handle the two nations' differences in an irresponsible manner.

As nations around the world are becoming ever more interdependent, a troubled China-Japan relationship would serve neither the interests of the two countries nor those of the region and the world as a whole.

It's only natural that differences and even disputes exist between neighboring countries. But what counts the most is how the two sides could come to soothe the other's concerns and properly handle their differences.

It is China's consistent policy to seek a peaceful settlement of its disputes through negotiations on the basis of an equal footing with any nations in the world, including Japan.

On the question of the Diaoyu Islands, the issue of China's sovereignty is not negotiable. China follows the principle of shelving differences and seeking joint development, which also fits Japan's interests.

In addition, the Japanese side also needs to dispel its concerns over China's military modernization.

In one of his recent speeches, Noda compared himself to a loach, indicating his pragmatic approach in politics. Therefore, it is hoped that Japan could improve its ties with China according to Noda's vowed leadership style.

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