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Nepal's 35th prime minister elected with high expectation (2)


08:27, August 31, 2011

Ghimire added that if this government fails to give Constitution to the nation then the Constituent Assembly will die a sad death.

"Two major parties are in opposition and the major task of the constitution and peace will not be successful without NC and CPN-UML," he said.

He said that people are not happy with the frequent changes in the government but still this time people have their high hopes with their newly elected Prime Minister Bhattarai.

Nepal has been facing a lot of political challenges after the Constituent Assembly was formed in 2008.

This is the fourth government since 2008 and all three previous governments have failed to complete the major tasks of constitution drafting and peace process.

With the extension of the Constituent Assembly term for the fourth time on Aug. 29, Prime Minister Bhattarai also has a serious challenge of completing the major issues that the previous governments have faced.

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