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Bayern wins, Cologne stuns Hamburg at German Bundesliga (2)


09:47, August 28, 2011

FC Kaiserslautern's Florian Dick (R) challenges Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery during their German Bundesliga soccer match in Kaiserslautern August 27, 2011. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

Defending champion Dortmund shared points after a goal less draw with Leverkusen after a exciting and rough see-saw match with one straight red card for each team in the last 30 minutes of the match. So with both sides earn their first draw of the season.

Hamburg had to show a vital sign after a disappointing start into the season so as Cologne. As expected, Hamburg opened the scoring when striker Mladen Petric converted a penalty after a supposed foul play inside penalty area with 11 minutes into the match. At the 20th minute Cologne was able to level the score through striker Adil Chihi to stun the host.

Four minutes after break Cologne striker Milivoje Novakovic netted home the 2-1 lead for his side but Hamburg was able to equalize the score out of the blue at the 58th minute as new arrival defender Slobodan Rajkovic slotted home from very close range. Hamburg came back as youngster striker Heung Min Son utilized a terrific long range pass to bring his team the 3-2 lead.

It looked like a save victory for Hamburg but Cologne turned up and scored another two goals through midfielder Christian Clemen and defender Kevin McKenna who turned the match within four minutes.

"I am extremely disappointed. We have twice taken the lead and in the end we lost," dashed Hamburg coach Michael Oenning said.

Freiburg taught sloppy Wolfsburg a lesson with a blatant 3-0 victory at Volkswagen Arena. Wolfsburg remained incapable through out the match to stage a team performance, consequently Freiburg was able to score three goals through defender Oliver Barth at the 30th minute, striker Erik Jendrisek at the 40th minute and midfielder Cedrick Makiadi at the 59th minute to punish Wolfsburg slackness.

"We played without confidence and courage such errors will be punished immediately," Wolfsburg manager Felix Magath said.

Bremen joker striker Markus Rosenberg wrapped the 2-1 victory for his side over Hoffenheim. Hoffenheim opened the scoring at the 37th minute through midfielder Roberto Firminio but Bremen striker Marko Arnautovic levelled the score only two minutes later until Rosenberg scored the decider.

Nuremberg defeated Augsburg as striker Alexander Esswein scored the winner at the 76th minute.

Already on Friday Berlin craved out a neat 1-0 victory over Stuttgart as Berlin midfielder Raffael scored the winner four minutes before final whistle.

On Sunday Hannover hosts Mainz and Schalke encounters Monchengladbach.

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