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Debating is part of monastic life in Tibet (8)

(China Daily)

14:42, August 23, 2011

Monks gather in the debating courtyard of Sera Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region on Aug 22, 2011. Except on Sundays, monks debate every day in the afternoon for one or two hours at Sera Monastery. Debating is an integral part of a Tibetan monk's training, and is an effective means of expanding the mind, increasing mental sharpness, developing analytical capacity, and gaining internal clarity. There are two parties in the debate: a defender and a questioner, each with clear roles and strict rules of behavior, which assure an orderly exchange of questions and answers. The defender is usually a novice, while the questioner is a more experienced debater. Sera Monastery is one of the three monasteries in Lhasa and located at the foot of Wuze Hill in Sera. It was built by Shavkya Ye Shes, one of the eight disciples of Tsongkhapa in Yongle during the Ming Dynasty (i.e. 1419 AD)(Photo/

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