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Indonesian arrested prominent terrorist Patek to face terror charges: police (2)


13:35, August 19, 2011

A source from Densus 88, the National Police's elite counterterrorism unit, told the Jakarta Globe last week that Patek could not be charged under the 2003 Antiterrorism Law for his suspected role in the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists.

But the source added that terrorism charges could be applied in relation to Patek's suspected role in providing shelter and a bodyguard to Dulmatin in 2009 and 2010.

"Patek was here in Jakarta together with Dulmatin," the source said. "He provided him with a rented house in Pamulang [in Tangerang] during this period. He also provided weapons to Dulmatin, which were then used at the paramilitary training camp in Aceh."

The police source also said that Patek and his wife had been issued passports under false names by the East Jakarta Immigration Office.

The source said the couple had used the names Anis Alawi Jafar and Fatimah Zahra Anis. Patek and his wife were able to travel to the Philippines and Pakistan using the passports.

Patek was arrested by Pakistani intelligence agents on Jan. 25 in Abbottabad, the same city where American special forces killed al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden on May 2 during a raid on a residential compound in the strategic military city.

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