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An eye for the storm (3)

(China Daily)

16:25, August 11, 2011

"In that case, I can only do with a barbarian's life without shower for days," Wang said, laughing. "The feeling is terrible. Just imagine that you are living close to a vast expanse of water but you can't beat your thirst."

The worst experience occurred when no ships were able to reach the island for a few days and Wang ran out of rice.

"At first, I went to find some conches on the shore. In the end, I could only turn to rats," recalled Wang.

Fresh vegetables used to be a luxury, but now with his own garden on the island, it is getting better.

The only problem Wang has is that after spending such a long time living mostly by himself, he is a bit nervous when strangers come to visit.

"I'm actually very happy to see them," Wang said. "But I really need time to think how to start a conversation."

"Whenever he comes home, he sounds like a stammerer at first," said Wang's son. "Once he gets over it, he turns into a talker."

Living in a barren house worn by decades of sea winds has also left Wang with arthritis in the legs.

But Wang doesn't complain.

"I do this job to protect my hometown," he said. "I feel very proud even if my role is insignificant in comparison with others."

Documentary Channel of Shanghai Media Group contributed to this story.

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