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The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China(中华人民共和国公安部)

(People's Daily Online)

11:08, August 06, 2012

The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China

The Ministry is another component ‘organ’ of the State Council, and is the commanding agency which governs the police works in China.

The responsibility of the public security organs in China are as follows: prevention, suppression and investigation of illegal criminal activities; combat terrorist activities; maintenance of social order; suppression of acts which endanger social order; transport management; fire safety; dangerous articles; management of household, residents’ identity cards, citizenship, the immigration and residence of foreigners in China and travel related affairs; maintenance of order in the border regions; guard specific persons, important venues and facilities; management of assembly, processions and demonstrations; supervision and management of the public information network security monitoring; guidance and supervision of the public security work in governmental department, institutions and organizations and key enterprises under construction; guiding mass public security organizations such as the public security committee.


More Info.
Address: 14 Dong Chang An Street, Dong Cheng District, Beijing 地址:北京市东城区东长安街14号
Postcode: 100741 邮编:100741  
Tel: 86-10-66262114 电话:86-10-66262114
Official Web: 官网:


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