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Modern Mooncakes


09:27, December 20, 2011

Ice cream mooncakes

They are made of ice cream, and made to look like mooncakes. They have become increasingly popular in recent years among young people and kids.

Fruit and vegetable mooncakes

Naturally, the fillings for this kind of flavor are various vegetables and fruits which include: hami melon, pineapple, litchi, strawberry, white gourd and orange.

Seafood mooncakes

These are the most expensive mooncakes. They feature a fresh and slightly salty flavor. Commonly used fillings include: abalone, shark fin and dried purple seaweed.

Naliang mooncakes

This is the latest creation (Naliang means to ‘receive coolness’). Their fillings are made of lily, green bean or tea, all of which have a cooling effect on the body.

Coconut milk mooncakes

They are low in sweetness and oil. Their fillings are made of fresh coconut milk. They taste fresh and sweet and have the effect of promoting digestion, and improving one's skin.

Tea mooncakes

They are made by adding tea to other fillings. The most popular flavor is by adding tea to lotus seed paste.

Health food mooncakes

Health food mooncakes are a style of cake that is meant to benefit people's health. They are made of many healthy ingredients such as ginseng, calcium, medicated food and other things that are good for health.


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