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Yangge in Shaanxi


09:21, November 16, 2011

Yangge is a representative collective folk dance that combines music, dance and feats, by manipulations of the silk handkerchiefs and movements of the feet. It's the most popular festive performance esp. in the countryside of northern China. It's originated from rice planting and farming and has some connection with ancient eulogy songs sung in sacrifices to the God of the Farm.

Yangge is a representative collective folk dance that combines music, dance and feats.

Nearly every village in northern Shaanxi Province has a yangge group, which begins to rehearse the yangge almost a month before the lunar New Year's Day. On that day, after eating jiaozi, the yangge group begins paying New Year calls to house to house. They wish the hosts a happy New Year and do the yangge dance in the courtyards. Accompanied by drums, they wave red silk waist bands. The hosts set off firecrackers to welcome the dancers' arrival and invite them to taste their home-made rice wine. The sounds of songs, drums and firecrackers blend, creating a festive atmosphere in the village.


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