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Shehuo in Baoji City


09:16, November 16, 2011

The crowd is watching Shehuo performance, welcoming the climax of the holiday - the lantern's day. Shehuo, a spontaneous traditional festive occasion prevailing mainly in the northern China countryside, is a mass entertainment activity that involves a great deal of performers, virtually enabling almost all the men in the village to participate either in the performance or the preparation work.

The picture is taken in Tianwang village, Baoji City of northwest Shaanxi Province.

It's rooted from the primitive sacrificial activities in which ancient people prayed for harvest and affluence from "She", originally meaning the God of Earth, and "Huo", literally meaning fire which ancient people believed to have the magic power of driving away the evil spirit.

Shehuo in Tianwang Village is more like acrobatics. Little girls and boys in the traditional costumes stand on the edge of a "sword", "flower", "tree branch", or even "corn leaves". In the ancient time, four, eight or even a dozen of people would lift up the desks that carry the children. On some desks there are two to four stories with a plate rotating in the center.


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PD User at 2011-11-1746.21.144.*
Good report, please keep going on.
Halima Brewer at 2011-11-162.101.19.*
I was there a few years ago, and I loved it. I wish more people knew how wonderful it is. I have fond memories the city of Baoji and its people. Can we buy some of your lovely artifacts via the internet? I cannot travel to China so easily now.

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