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The Second Festival Day


10:14, November 07, 2011

On the second day of the New Year, it is traditional for married women to pay a visit to their mother's home for a reunion with their family. Women with children bring them along for a visit with their maternal grandparents.

The Second Festival Day

All the old people give the children red envelopes containing gifts of New Year's money, and when the visit is over, they put a red mark on the children's foreheads. This is thought to bring luck and avert evil, and expresses the hope that the children will grow up safe and healthy.

But the most distinctive event of the day is the ceremony to the God of Wealth. In ancient times, it was considered essential to go to the Temple of the Five Gods of Wealth in Beijing to make offerings.

The ruins of this ancient site can still be seen outside of Beijing's Guang'an Gate. Every family also pasted up lucky pictures to attract wealth and prosperity to the household.


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