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Custom of Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong


09:22, October 21, 2011

The Fire Dragon Dance is the most traditional custom of Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. From the night of the 14th of the eighth lunar month (in the period from early September to early October), a grand three-night fire dragon dance is held in Tai Hang, Causeway Bay. The fire dragon is over 70m (230 ft) long. The dragon body is comprised of 32 sections which are stuck full of long joss sticks. On the pageant night, in streets or lanes in this block, lines of winding and undulating fire dragons will dance joyfully under the light of lanterns to music of dragon drums. It is very noisy! There is a legend about the origin of the Hong Kong fire dragon dance on Mid-Autumn Festival... Once upon a time, after a storm attack, there appeared snakes in Tai Hang, which did evils everywhere, so villagers hunted them everywhere and struck them dead. Unexpectedly, the following day the snakes disappeared without any trace. A few days later, a plague took place in Tai Hang. Then, suddenly a Bodhisattva appeared in the dreams of elders of the village, and said that if they just danced the fire dragon on Mid-Autumn Festival, they would get rid of the plague. This was quite successful. Since then, the fire dragon dance has been practiced till now.

No matter how many traditional superstitions the legend has, China is the homeland of dragons. In Hong Kong, the Tai Hang fire dragon dance during the Mid-Autumn Festival has had a history of more than 100 years, and that is worth cherishing. Nowadays, the Tai Hang fire dragon dance is large in scale, excluding the head coach, coaches, commander-in-chief, commanders and security groups, dragon dancers can be over 30,000.


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