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Clothing of Hui Ethnic Group: Neatest Ethnic Apparel


10:58, August 05, 2011

The Hui people are one of the ethnic groups that worship Islam in China. Due to the discrepancy in region, gender and sects, their clothes have different styles and features. The Hui people often call clothing "yizhuo" or "chuandai" (dress or apparels).

The clothing of Hui ethnic group has distinctive national features.

The clothing of Hui ethnic group has distinctive national features. They mainly comprise of waistcoat, Dasdar (the cloth wrapped on head), Maisaihai (leather) socks, Zhunbai (robe), worshipper hat, headscarf, and so on. The waistcoat is made of cloth, silk, thin silk, linen and has types of two-layer, cotton and single-layer. It can be worn both in summer and winter and can serve as underwear and coat. It is convenient for people to fold up the sleeves and do chores. People don't catch cold frequently.

The clothing of Hui minority is divided into "children, adult and elderly clothes" based on their ages. Women clothing of Hui is divided into "unmarried, married and middle-aged, married and old-aged". Different styles of clothing are formed for different regions, seasons and professions.

In the apparel of Hui, headdress is the most typical and characteristic. For example, men's white hat, Dasdar and women's headscarf in the apparel of Hui have been the most widespread in the tradition from the past to present. No matter in the water towns of Jiangnan, or on the yellow and black soil land of North China, the headdress of the Hui ethnic group is most remarkable with its distinctive features.


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