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Nadam Fair of Mongolian


10:37, August 05, 2011

Nadam, which means entertainment or games in Mongolian, is regarded as a great festival. It is held every August, when the livestock is fat and strong. Nadam, in fact, is a large entertainment gathering for celebrating the harvest.

Nadam, which means entertainment or games in Mongolian, is regarded as a great festival.

Folk-style dancing and singing is performed during the Nadam as Mongolians are good at dancing and singing. The Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County is reputed as the Land of Folk Songs. There are hundreds of singers, who are not only able to sing but also compose. Entertainment programs include Haolaibao, comic dialogues, antistrophic singing and performances by horse-head lute, Yataghan Dance Wine Cup Dance, etc.

At the fair, men and women, old or young, dress up and participate, or watch from cars or on horses. Other entertainment includes horseracing, wrestling, archery and dancing and singing. The Mongolians in Liaoning Province commonly dress in Han costumes, i.e. uniforms or civvies. During the event of the Nadam or other festivals, they put on long Mongolian gowns, but they prefer red, yellow and blue costumes. Five-colored ribbons are inlaid on the shoulder and front of the gown with red and green silk bands at the waist. They wear boots and usually have a sword with a scabbard, snuffbox and sickle at the waist.

The Nadam is also known as a fair of agricultural and livestock goods. Apart from the industry and farming sideline products, there are also other local special goods, such as beef and mutton, fumed food, cheese, dried cheese, cream, milk curd and yoghurt. Ghee tea and baked full mutton are also supplied at the tea booths and restaurants. Since the staple Mongolian diet generally consists of cereals and vegetables, the Nadam provides them with a chance to enjoy Mongolian traditional rich dishes.


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