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What’s happening in China

Sex case
takes a new turn

  1. China provides life for Indian family
  2. China allocates 9.4 bln USD for public housing
  3. FedEx pledges fund to assist Sichuan quake relief
  4. Man arrested for plane bomb hoax calls
  5. Shanghai battery factory canceled over protest

Chinese Military Observatory

  1. Indian navy inducts 1st Boeing surveillance aircraft
  2. Taiwan conducts fishery protection drill
  3. Chinese Navy set to see growing cooperation
    with other navies: PLA fleet commander
  4. China's digitalized troops begin to take shape
  5. Female special operation members in training

China Stocks

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PD Online Data

  1. Video: Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang address NPC closing session
  2. Video: Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
  3. CPPCC chairman delivers speech
  4. Profile: Xi Jinping
  5. Profile: Li Keqiang