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Huashan Festival of the Miao Minority

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14:55, July 30, 2011

The days from the lunar January 2nd to 7th is the annual Huashan festival, meaning the mountain fair or touring in the spring mountain for the Miao minority people in the areas of Pingbian, Memgzi and Hekou in Yunnan. Every year during this time the Miao people of different villages come from all directions to the spacious and slightly sloppy area where the festival is held. At the spot, there is a decorated pole with lots of fresh flowers and colorful flags called “Huagan” or flower pole----a symbol of the festival made from a choice straight green cypress big and high. The people, the heads of Huagan, who settle up the Huagan pole are those of so called kind-hearted. They must fix the pole before the sun rises behind the mountain in the early morning of the festival.

Lion dance is also one of the festal important activities. The pair of lion dancers who dance the best and climb higher are also awarded with wine and the pig head. During this period bullfight is arranged. Those bullfight fanciers from everywhere spiritually lead their high big and stalwart bulls to the fair spot. No one could pick out the championship or the defeated out of all the spiritual bulls at just one look. The winner is always led along by the host to the front of Huagan pole walking round the pole for a circle before he is covered with red and colorful crown.


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