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Wuzhe Hot Spring

(People's Daily Online)

16:23, August 11, 2011

The Wuzhe Hot Spring is a wonderland with beautiful natural landscapes and an ideal place for tourists. The traffic here is very convenient. It is 175 kilometers from Kunming and close to the Shizong Station of the Nanning-Kunming Railway. To its west, it is the Ancient Alu Cave. To its east, it is a wide sea of flowers. In the Wuzhe Hot Spring, tourists could not only relax themselves but also enjoy the amazing natural sceneries. It is place far from noisy cities and can get rid of your tiredness absolutely completely.

The water output of the hot spring is 600 cubic meters per day and the temperature of the water is 78℃. The water contains many kinds of mineral substances and has a good medical function. Layout of the spring water is very proper and can satisfy the needs of different tourists. The place has four deep-water swimming pools for deep-water swimming lovers, several shallow swimming pools for adults and several special pools for children. It also has 17 VIP pools where many fitness equipments are installed. It is a place with an elegant natural environment, complete facilities and perfect services.

It is a home-like place integrating all kinds of services of the dining, accommodation, entertainment. In this place, you can hold a party with your friends or family members and you also can hold commercial activities with your clients too. The two-star hotel of the area possesses a dining hall which can hold 200 people and also has meeting rooms of various sizes, KTV rooms with high-class hi-fi equipment as well as a tilapia fishing pool for fishing lovers.

The medium-sized Wuzhe Reservoir, known as the Small Three Gorges, is very close to the hot spring. The reservoir is surrounded by mountains and green trees and has very clean water. Standing beside the reservoir, you can see wild flowers scattered widely and birds flying in the sky or swimming on the water surface. It is as beautiful as a painting. If you paddle a boat in the reservoir, you will forget all your worries. The natural landscapes including mountains, water, flowers and bamboos, the “strange, ancient, wild and unique” cultural landscapes and the special Yi nationally villages make the entire area like a wonderland.


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