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16:55, August 10, 2011

The railway stadation of Bisezhai

Bisezhai railway station is located on a slope of Caoba Town, which is about 10 kilometers far from north of Mengzi County. With an area of about 2 square kilometers, its original appearance has been well kept including a large number of European style station buildings and Chinese style dwellings which were constructed by stones, and the whole station has been protected. Dianyue railway station house, Gebishi railway station house, Gebishi railway engine house and Datong company are under provincial protection. Dianyue railway station house is located to the north of the station and it is a French bricky timberwork building with its building area of 600 square meters. Bisezhai railway station is not only one of the earliest railway station of China, but the only private railway in old China, it has been considered the provincial released units of cultural relics protection.

historic building of Datong Company of Bisezhai

the mess hall of Frenchmen


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