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The remarkable success as gained from China's practice of socialist market economic practice in the past 20 years proved the economic system a great innovation of contemporary human.
In Japan, culture industry is referred as sensible industry. By Japanese, sensibility means sensible perception gained from both people and things.
Culture is the lifeblood of a nation, the spiritual home of the people. The long-standing, well-established and profound culture of China is a unique historical and cultural resource.
Introduction to "China Studies"
  • ·"China Studies" is a focused effort to build a harmonious world and to promote the advancement of civilization. In other words, it is a column where experiences of China's development can be generalized and where laws and knowledge of the "China Road" can be promoted with scientific, systematic research methods.
  • ·Based on the research of Tsinghua University resources and supported by China Studies Foundation, a branch of Tsinghua University Education Foundation, the "China Studies" column will be operated by China Studies Public Policy & Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., LTD.