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Working Together to Build a Harmonious World Is Socialist China’s World Outlook

(People's Daily Online)

14:06, December 01, 2011

Key Words: Aspiration for Great Harmony, Philosophy of Harmony, Work Together to Achieve Great Harmony

Abstract: Aspiration for “Great Harmony” and pursuit for a “well-off society” has always been the core of Chinese civilization. This conception of civilization has exerted and has been exerting far-reaching influence on China’s governance culture and foreign relations. China shall never practice great-power chauvinism and hegemonism after it becoming a world power since it firmly adheres to the philosophy of harmony. Instead, it shall play the role of a proactive advocator, positive constructor and largest contributor to a “World of Great Harmony”.

Chinese President Hu Jintao delivered a key speech titled Work Together to Build a Common Future when attending the General Debate of the 64th UN General Assembly. He pointed out in his speech that it is the objective requirement of the Time to work together in a mutually beneficial and win-win way, and it is also the only way to achieve common development and prosperity for all countries. He expressed China’s will to further aid developing countries by taking several moves, highlighting China’s world philosophy of harmony as a large socialist developing country and Chinese nation as a peace-loving people.

Confucianism has always been the core of Chinese culture in the past several thousand years. Its social ideal featuring aspiration for “Great Harmony” and pursuit for a “well-off society” runs through the views of the civilization history. The aspiration for “Great Harmony” of Confucius is recorded in The Book of Rites•on the Conveyance of Rites as follows. “When the Great Law prevails, the whole world is one harmonious community where people live in peace and good faith under the administration of virtuous wise men elected by the people. All old men and children are treated equally without consideration of kinship. In a society like this, the old have their resting place, the strong have the proper place to play their role, the child can grow happily and the widower, the widow, the orphan and the childless are supported in their life. ……It is therefore intrigues are not given opportunities to grow, unlawful behavior like stealing, rebellion and hurting others are beyond imagination. It is so clear and safe a community that people need not to lock their door to safeguard themselves. A community like this can be called Great Harmony”. As “ cultural influence is a universal existence that transcends groups, classes and parties", the aspiration for great harmony and its corresponding philosophy in Chinese culture is destined to exert far-reaching influence over China’s governance culture and its foreign policies. Collating the governance philosophy and foreign policies as adopted by every generation of China’s leadership, one can see a clear thought sequence of “working together to build a harmonious world” that carrying two communities of interest and fate. The sequence implies two correlated meanings. The first is a harmonious China, or in details, the over ten billion Chinese people shall work together to build a society of common prosperity. The second is a harmonious world, or in details, the several billion people of the world scattering in more than 200 countries and regions of the world shall work in unity to build a commonly prosperous world.

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