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China will become a commonly prosperous society in 20 years (3)

(People's Daily Online)

11:21, October 24, 2011

Therefore, we must coordinate between two pictures of domestic society and international world. Proactive efforts should be made to turn the challenges into opportunities. Opportunities may be created through exploring complementary resources and using the markets, the resources and the technologies from two different channels domestically and internationally. We should not only "bring in", but also "step out"; not only taking good care of our own development, but also taking on greater international responsibilities. China will not only play a part in globalization, but also try to become a leading power in globalization. We should give considerations to both our own needs of development and our partners' proper concerns, and try to maximize our common interest to create a win-win situation. China shall make efforts to promote equality and mutual trust in politics, to foster a win-win situation in economic field, to facilitate cultural exchange and communication of the World, and to advance dialogue and cooperation in issues of security. China shall try its best to facilitate nations all over the world to share opportunities with each other and to respond to challenges together. By all its above-said efforts, China aims to contribute to build a harmonious and green World with everlasting peace and common prosperity.

China shall follow a developing path while protect nature at the same time. Resource conservation, environmental protection, ecological security and disaster mitigation and prevention are not only the core national interest of China, but also the basic policy of China's development in a long term. Shifts in five aspects must be taken, viz shifts from black industrialization,urbanization and modernization to green industrialization, urbanization and modernization, from black manufacture to green manufacture, from black energy to green energy, from black trade to green trade and from black consumption to green consumption. Five pillars are crucial for these shifts: building a resource conservative society; building an environment-friendly society; developing a recycling economy; building a climate adaptive society; implementing the national comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation strategies.

Economic growth quality and social welfare of China will be considerably improved and a "multi-win" situation on economic growth, environmental production, ecological security and climate change adaptiveness shall be achieved through China's response to climate change, development of green economy and industry, investment in green energy and promotion of green consumption. Meanwhile, as the most populous country with the largest economic aggregate and most inventions, China will make huge contributions to the world to respond to climate change through peaceful, green development and international cooperation in green development.

To sum up, China will realize its dream of common prosperity in a great harmonious world in 2030. It will become a new-type super power, which is not only a powerful country in terms of its economy, but also in terms of innovation; it will also become a relatively developed country, getting close to developed countries on indicators including per capita income, educational level, health level and Human Development Index; it will become a nature-friendly country, a country sharing its prosperity with the world, and a country that makes more innovative, green and civilization contributions to human beings.

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