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China will become a commonly prosperous society in 20 years (2)

(People's Daily Online)

11:21, October 24, 2011

China's society of common prosperity bears the following points of view.

First of all, "common prosperity" does not mean equal prosperity. Equal prosperity is unrealistic since both the disparities of regional development conditions and the disparities in human capital accumulation among populations are huge. We have to admit the existence of social disparities that cannot be removed. This is because as long as there is society, there will be social disparities.

Furthermore, the core of the concept "common prosperity" is "common", which means over a billion people share the opportunity, improve the capability, enhance the level and enjoy the fruits of development together. Real "common prosperity" can be fulfilled only if the four "together" is achieved.

Last but not the least, to build a "commonly prosperous" society, special effort should be made in case of class polarization. We need hardly worry about the prospect of China's economic growth, because we are right in the taking-off stage. The most concerned issue is that whether China could maintain a stable, coordinate environment in a long term. "Common prosperity" is a socialist flag to prevent social instability or even social revolution. "Common prosperity" not only represents the legitimacy of the leadership of Communist Party of China's in rejuvenating the nation and promoting the welfare of the people, but also the political guarantee for China's long-term stability and security. We are not only materialists admitting social disparity, but also dialectical materialists not only encouraging people to make wealth and become prosperous, but also encouraging all the people to get prosperous together.

China shall share prosperity with the World. China and the World are communities with common interest and common destiny. The ever-opening China and ever-integrating world could not work without each other. China could achieve further development only if the World especially the developing countries develop; China could achieve further prosperity only if the World especially the developing countries develop; and China could gain more wealth only if the World especially the developing countries prosper. Such is our view of China and the World.

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