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China Is Willing and Able to Reduce CO2 Emission (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:19, August 05, 2011

II. China is Capable of Investing in International Response to Climate Changes

Impacts of climate changes, global warming caused by greenhouse gas emission in particular, have manifested themselves in each and every facet of societies and economies around the world, which reminds us of a fact that it is necessary for all the countries to take measures immediately to control greenhouse gas emission within a stable level. Yet economically there is a price to pay to realize this objective.

Reports from UNDP say that the threshold of dangerous climate change agreed upon by countries around the world is set at 2℃ higher than the pre-industrial age, and the targeted carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere at 0.045% (ppm) . Developed countries should fulfill their commitment made in Kyoto Protocol and reach further agreement to reduce 20% to 30% of emission by 2020 and at least 80% of emission by 2050. The aim for several major developing emitters in regard to emission reduction is to stop emission increase by 2020 and reduce 20% emission by 2050. It is estimated in reports from UNDP that the world needs to spend 1.6% of its total GDP to control carbon dioxide emission under the dangerous level by 2030. With sufficient financial resources to invest in emission reduction technologies, the developed countries should immediately take actions while the developing countries could choose not to for the time being.

Data for 2000 and 2005 are drawn from China Statistical Yearbook 2006, Beijing: China Statistics Press. Data for 2010 is drawn from the Eleventh Five-Year Program for National Economy and Social Development of China. Ma Kai (ed.), Introduction to the Eleventh Five-Year Program for National Economy and Social Development of China, Beijing: Beijing Science and Technology Publishing House,2006. Data in column 2010 is estimated by the author.
a. Energy consumption per unit of GDP based on the constant prices of 2000.
b. Water consumption per unit of GDP based on the constant prices of 2000.
Source: Hu Angang, China in 2020: To Build a Well-off Society in an All-Around Way, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2007, p.59, p.62.

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