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China Should Make Green Contribution to the World

(People's Daily Online)

16:25, August 04, 2011

China's theme of World Environment Day on June, 5th, 2011 is to "jointly build an ecological civilization, share a green future", which aims to call for public understanding and conscious effort on the relationship between environment and development, to stress on the concept of ecological civilization and the idea of green development with public participation, in order to involve the whole society to rise to make contributions on the path of sustainable development. In the Report of the 17th National Party Congress, General Secretary Hu Jintao made a solemn promise to the world, that China will "share development opportunities and meet challenges together" with the world. In particular he noted we should "assist and cooperate with each other in conservation efforts to take good care of the Earth, the only home of human beings". Therefore, two crucial contributions are to be made by China in the coming decades. The first one is knowledge contribution, which means China will make itself one of the largest innovative countries. The second one is green contribution.

To build an ecological civilization is an important strategic thought and task proposed by the Communist Party of China under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, as a response to the serious fact that a much too high price in terms of resource waste and environment damage has been paid for the rapid economic growth of the country and the world as a whole, . The biggest contributions to the human race in the 21st century are to invent green technology, produce green food, use green energy, live in green buildings, and take green vehicles etc. China should make green contributions to the world in line with the new trend of the world by promoting new ideas and creating new development patterns for the world. As stressed in The 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China, China shall accelerate its speed in constructing a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society and in improving its ecological conditions. The building of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society has been consistently considered as a key priority in transforming the pattern of economic development. The basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection should be thoroughly implemented, including energy conservation, greenhouse gas emission reduction, circular economy development, promotion of low -carbon technologies, active responding to climate changes, coordinating economic and social development with population, resources and environment, and persisting in taking the road of sustainable development. This shows that implementation of China's green development has started. Furthermore, a green development model for China in the first half of the 21st century should be formed, with a shift from black development to green development, so that China could realize a transformation from the largest pollution emitter to the largest green product producer, green product exporter, and green technology innovator.

Judged from the reality of the global environment, China has become the second largest carbon emitter, second only to the U.S. Global green revolution and green cooperation can not succeed without China's participation. The world needs China to make green contributions. Judging from historical data, although China has a vast territory with rich resources, it is also a country where most serious natural disasters happen. Abnormal natural climates have huge impacts on China. China's active participation, promotion and leadership in the green revolution through international cooperation do not only make contributions to the world, but also make contributions to its own stability and sustainable development. If a worldwide green consensus is reached, China will become the greatest beneficiary. Otherwise, it will suffer most. Furthermore, China's green contribution is also a soft investment to its future image. In spite of China's huge contribution on developing the world economy, poverty reduction, trade growth and its contribution on market and knowledge during its reform and opening in the last 30 years, it is also producing negative externalities to the world. The China Threat Theory has been upgraded from military and politic threats to resource and environmental threats. China's devotion to make green contribution shows its attitude towards shouldering the global green responsibility as a great power, which is also a prerequisite for its own stability and sustainable development, and is necessary to eliminate the externalities brought by China's economic growth and to shape its future world image as a nation heading for a moderately developed country in the middle of the 21st century.

After going through the reform and opening up started over30 years ago, more than a billion Chinese people, with the dream of building a moderately prosperous society fulfilled, need a new dream. This is themed of "One World, One Dream, One Action". "One World" means, with globalization of the world economy, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, relationships among countries are becoming closer and closer, and we are becoming a common community of human beings with more and more shared interests, thus to protect the Earth is also to protect the family of all the Chinese people; "One Dream" means a green dream, in which the Earth we live on should be a green global village, the world should be a green world, the world's dream is also China's dream, and the China's dream is to realize the world's dream; "One Action" means to reduce emissions as a common action of human beings, i.e. to reduce green house emissions by half in 2050. As a nation with a population of more than a billion, China should take responsibilities for the world, take the world's dream as its own dream, and take the world's action as its own action. China should not only actively participate in the global emission reduction movement, but also make itself a model in the movement to make green contributions in order to fulfill this theme.


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