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What’s happening in China

Ferrari drivers survive high-speed crash

  1. Nobel Prize gets laureate offers of unwanted gifts
  2. Mo controversially enters school textbooks
  3. Japanese warned after attack in Shanghai
  4. Alcoholic stabs 2 cops to death in Yunnan
  5. China launches new high-speed railway

Chinese Military Observatory

  1. Breitling Jet Team land on Baita Int'l Airport
  2. Chinese navy's Diaoyu Islands activities legitimate
  3. Former commander of China's strategic troop dies
  4. Psychological selection website for PLA
  5. New barracks available at Engh Hada sentry post

China Stocks

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PD Online Data

  1. Ministry of Water Resources
  2. Ministry of Railways
  3. People's Bank of China
  4. Ministry of Health
  5. Ministry of Culture