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Basic Framework of CPC's Cultural Construction

(People's Daily Online)

16:24, January 05, 2012

The 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) closed its sixth plenary session in Beijing on October 18, 2011 and approved Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Major Issues Pertaining to Deepening Reform of the Cultural System and Promoting the Great Development and Flourishing of Socialist Culture. (Hereinafter referred to as "Decision") The Decision emphasized to build the powerful country with socialistic culture. For the first time since the 17th CPC Central Committee held in 2007, the CPC has set "cultural proposition" as a subject of the Central Committee Plenum, further underscoring the significance of cultural construction in the national strategy.

The fundamental aim to build the advanced socialist culture with Chinese characteristics is people-oriented, realize high civilizations of humans, and really ensure human's comprehensive development. Its main objectives are to build the contemporary civilization and the harmonious world; promote national unity and social stability; cultivate the national spirit and enhance the morality standards; enhance the quality of the whole people and peaceful environment; inspire social vitality and multidimensional innovation. Five goals are interrelated, interacting, complementary and mutually reinforcing.

To achieve the Party's aim and purpose of the culture construction, it is at least necessary to establish the following mechanisms: multicultural coexistence mechanism; multicultural exchange mechanism; cultural united front mechanism; universal learning mechanism; morality training mechanism; innovative culture mechanism; reference absorbing mechanism.

The first to be established is multicultural coexistence and exchange mechanism. Cultural influence on peoples and Nations and even the world is more profound and distant. China has five thousand years Chinese civilization and has immortal wisdom of the universal value, however China civilization admits that other civilizations also have the same or similar immortal wisdom, meanwhile appreciates and respects the different particularity in other civilization and China's own civilization. Oneness and homogeneity and dominate nature and expansive culture are not in line with the internal logic of Chinese civilization, which does not include cultural hegemony, cultural imperialism and cultural colonialism. Hence, structuring the contemporary civilization and the harmonious world, and jointing world responsibility are one of the important objectives of cultural construction of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The second to be established is the united front mechanism of culture. As a unit of the advanced culture, Chin's united front culture, derived from the practice of the united front work, is a significant method to promote the united front work. Harmonious culture is the core connotation of the united front culture in the new period. Cultural united front, which is the spirit link to give full play to the united front culture and enhancing cohesion, boosts the deepening of united front work. Cultural united front aims to achieve the idea identity that is the highest level of social strength cohesion. Cultural united front mechanism includes work mechanisms such as united front culture construction and propaganda etc., and includes united front ideas such as political and economy etc. Promote national unity and harmony, social harmony and stability depends on cultural united front forces at work.

The third to be established is the universal learning mechanism. The CPC is a typical learning party. It is the most important thing for the Party's leaders to lead study, promote learning and gradually form a fine tradition of learning. Since the founding of the Communist Party so far, it has been the same. Therefore, the collective learning mechanism, advocated by the Communist Party's leaders, has evolved universal learning mechanism and erected learning society and formed fine atmosphere of advocating learning. The learning mechanism can maximize social vitality and multi-dimensional innovation, and can provide the knowledge foundation support to enhance the national quality and peaceful environment.

The fourth to be established is morality training mechanism. Strengthening citizen's morality construction helps to cultivate the national spirit and promote morality standards. Establish the common ideal and belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the entire society, accelerate the construction and transmission of traditional Chinese virtues, increase elements of socialist spiritual civilization, improve standards of social and moral sanctions. Social and moral sanctions in fact reflect the role of social morality. China's famous saying ‘‘Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to yourself ''is a social code of ethics. If societies advocate the noble code of ethics, the social morality norm will automatically work, spontaneously increase supply and demand of public goods with the positive externalities, and resist supply and demand of public goods with the negative externalities.

The fifth to be established is innovative culture mechanism. National Guideline on Medium- and Long-Term Program for Science and Technology Development, standing in the new historical height, to enhance the capacity of independent innovation as a main line, to build an innovative country as an objective, has made a comprehensive plan and deployment for the recent development of science and technology in China.

Combination of production, studying and researching is one of the main ways of cultivating creative ability in China. Combination of production, studying and researching is a cooperation and exchange mechanism formed by the industry and academia, the research circle in order to achieve the common goal of innovation. It is started by industry, while the research and development activities from academia, research circle are regarded as a starting point, via successful marketing practices from industry, and eventually accomplishes innovation at a high technology level.

China not only becomes an innovation-oriented country, but also becomes an innovation-oriented society, providing unprecedented opportunities and wider fields for national innovations that include technical innovation, institutional innovation and idea innovation. Establishing cultural innovation mechanism is the basis of arousing social vitality and multidimensional innovations.

The last to be established is reference absorbing mechanism. The purpose of the cultural construction is to better meet people's diverse cultural needs, play the cultural functions to guide society and educate people and promote development, enhance national cohesion and creativity. Therefore, China can not ignore other countries' culture and civilization fruits. It is one of the significant tasks about the Party's cultural constructions to learn from and draw on culture essences and civilization fruits from other countries, screen and remove their cultural dross.


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