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China Needs to Vigorously Develop Its Marine Human Resource (4)

(People's Daily Online)

14:34, December 19, 2011

Relation between Marine Human Resource and Marine Economy
China’s basic national conditions of rich marine human resource lead to the policy of “Revitalizing the Ocean Economy through Education”. The policy intends to help China build up large-quantity of highly-skilled marine workforce, foster emerging and new marine industries and thereafter gain new competitive advantage in this field. On the other hand, the development of economics and the concentration of population in coastal areas can go hand in hand with convergence of life style. This trend will promote the common development of mankind, improve social well-fare and raise residence purchase ability, all of which will contribute to the final realization of economics transformation from driving by external demand to pushing internal demands (See Figure 3).

Figure 3 Relation between human resource development and marine economic development

Emerging and new marine industries is the new engine for pushing economics forward. It is preliminarily estimated that emerging marine industry accounted for 10% of total marine product outcome. However, 10% is obviously low and 15-20% is a more reasonable share. It is necessary to make great effort to promote new and emerging marine industries if China wants to make full use of marine economics to transform to an economic system driven by innovation. Those industries include: seawater utilize industry, marine advanced materials industry, marine equipment manufacture industry, biological engineering industry, bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, marine renewable energy industry, deep-ocean mining exploration and development industry, marine information industry, marine environment industry and so on.

On October 18th, 2010 the State Council issued Decisions on Accelerating the Fostering and Development of Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance, which categorizes energy saving and environmental-friendly industry, new information technology, bioengineering, advanced equipment manufacturing, alternative energy, new materials and alternative energy vehicle as the Seven Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance, just in time to kick off large-scale development of emerging and new marine industries. But China still has a long way to go to build a new marine economics concerning new and emerging industry development and learning from others.
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