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China Needs to Vigorously Develop Its Marine Human Resource (3)

(People's Daily Online)

14:34, December 19, 2011

China: NO.1 in Marine Human Resource
Thankfully China's coastal areas possess tremendous potential of marine endowment and resources that can be further developed in the future. Its complete system of marine economy in coast areas can bring the comparative advantages of the next phase into play. The advantage of marine human resources is particularly noticeable among various marine resources that are comparatively advantageous. Here marine human resource is defined as the product of a country’s total population, human Development Index and the percentage of coastal population. Taking the coastal population living within 25km or 75km in distance from the coast line as calculating range respectively, China ranks the first in marine human resource in both scenarios due to its huge total population, although the percentage of its costal population is rather low compared with others (see table 1). This gives promises to marine economy development as the next comparative advantage for coastal areas.

Source: based on data from International Statistical Yearbook 2009, WDR 2009.
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Ashim Kumar Chatterjee at 2011-11-24122.162.12.*
Very. good example of proactive thinking
RWJROlJPLcQOZrI at 2011-10-1595.111.33.*
Wow! Great thiknnig! JK
MySNlPrTCCoRGrHML at 2011-10-0484.18.157.*
A bit surprised it seems to slmipe and yet useful.

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