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China Needs to Vigorously Develop Its Marine Human Resource (2)

(People's Daily Online)

14:34, December 19, 2011

Urgent Need for Human Resource Development
According to Professor Hu Angang’s study, China’s demographic dividend shall reach its peak in 2015 and the ratio of working age to dependent will decline from then (See Figure 2). Conspicuous phenomena in China foreshadow the effects of this trend, for example, the number of NCEE (National College Entrance Exam) takers has been decreasing for three consecutive years, which means in 4 years time Chinese college graduates will face a same decline; and coastal areas in China have begun to face worker shortage, as enterprises in these regions struggle to hire enough hands. This signals an urgent need for the development and structural adjustment of China’s human resource. The declining of demographic dividend suggests that China’s long-time comparative advantage of cheap labor is disappearing. Therefore, the country has to transform its economic development pattern before the turning point, in order to reduce the risk of being stuck in the middle-income trap. That is to say, for China, particularly for the coastal areas that lead inland provinces and regions in economic development, establishing a new comparative advantage based on structural transformation of China’s economy and marine economy is crucial to sustainable development.

Figure 2 China's demographic dividend shall peak in 2015 and decline after that

Source: UN: World Population Prospects: the 2004 revision.
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Ashim Kumar Chatterjee at 2011-11-24122.162.12.*
Very. good example of proactive thinking
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Wow! Great thiknnig! JK
MySNlPrTCCoRGrHML at 2011-10-0484.18.157.*
A bit surprised it seems to slmipe and yet useful.

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