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Developing Cluster Marine Economy in Coastal Areas (3)

(People's Daily Online)

10:35, October 20, 2011

We believe that developing agglomeration economy and inclusive economy can be reconciled. At the opening ceremony of ministerial meeting of human resources development of the 5th APEC conference convened on September 16, 2010, President Hu Jintao proposed the concept of "inclusive growth", which suggested that "the benefit of economic globalization and economic achievements should be extended to all the nations, regions and populations, thus harmonious development of the economy and the society can be achieved through sustainable development."

The World Development Report 2009 by World Bank points out that "economic growth will be unbalanced, but development still can be inclusive". The report indicates that, with income increases, the living standards of the people in high density economy and low density economy will converge after a differentiation process. The dynamic of the entire process is like this: The basic consumption of family will converge first; then the public service sector; and finally the wages and incomes.

This suggests that agglomeration of economy and inclusive growth can be reconciled. Promoting the function of agglomerative marine economy can facilitate this mutual process, including: Enhancing integration of sea-land infrastructure to shorten the distance among regions in the area; establishing efficient mechanism for cooperation among port cities and between port cities and inland cities to reduce the division among regions; guiding population to transfer to coastal areas properly, and adding jobs via developing marine economy to raise household income; the integration sea-land development will inevitably leads to convergence of basic public service.

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