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Developing Cluster Marine Economy in Coastal Areas (2)

(People's Daily Online)

10:35, October 20, 2011

It finds its first expression in the building of new-type port cities. Economic size of a region often does not depend on its area, but its location and traffic. Port cities are naturally the best choices for transformation to agglomerative economy via developing marine economy. The scale economy effect of port cities will help lower the cost of sea-land transportations. Likewise, the decrease of sea-land transportation cost will also help enhance the scale economy effect. Besides increasing efficiency of the ports to lower the cost of transportations, many other measures can be taken for building the new-type port cities, such as building of green ports, healthy ports, integration of the port and the city, integration of neighbor ports, learning ports, military and civilian integration,etc.

It finds its second expression in the building of marine science and technology parks. Marine science & technology parks are the most typical embodiments of agglomeration of marine economy. According to World Development Report 2009 by the World Bank, high density, short distances and fewer divisions are important to maximize the economic agglomeration effect. By greatly assembling technology, talents, funds and knowledge into a common space, marine science and technology park with preferential policies and institutional assurance can foster the development of agglomerative economy effectively.

It finds its last expression in the development of sea-land integration. Sea-land integration includes sea-land integration of resources development, industrial development, regional layout, infrastructures and environmental governance. Integration of sea-land economy can effectively enhance agglomeration of resources and industries; integration of infrastructures can shorten the distance among regions to enhance agglomeration of production factors. The integration of sea-land layout also help increasing agglomeration advantages, for example, integrated layout of sea-land development based on major function oriented area can contribute to scientific and comprehensive utilization of marine and terrestrial land and sea resources, and the coordinated development of the three industries. Similar to the shift of global economic geography, the process of early centralization and later integration also happens to marine economy. The direction of the efforts on marine economy is integration, which leads to maximization of agglomeration advantages.

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